What can Himalayan Salt Lamp Do for Health and How To Use It?

Have you ever been near a waterfall and felt how it changes you for the better both mentally and physically?

A simple walk on the beach or a weekend camping in the mountains can refresh your spirit as well. The improvement of your mood after spending time in places like this is due to the abundance of the negative ions which are naturally produced by Mother Nature in certain natural places.

How would you feel if you’d learn that there is a way to take amazing effects the effects of these areas into your own home or any other places you use to spend a lot of your time? The Himalayan salt lamps are the solution because they can transform the atmosphere of a room both chemically and physically and they also have unique healing properties. Read further to find out how these lamps work, where to use them and what are the benefits for the health.

But first, a few words about the positive and negative ions and the way they affect our mood and health.

About the dangers of the positive ions and the good influence of the negative ones

The ions are atoms or molecules which have lost or won an electron and know they are charged with either positive or negative energy and they are present everywhere around us. The positive ions are created by electronic equipment and they are also known as electronic smog or the electric pollution of the air. Although only a decade ago we were just fine without them, now, wherever we go, we are surrounded by all sorts of computers, big screen TV, smartphones, microwaves or other electronics we consider absolutely necessary for our personal survivor or fun.

Scientific studies proved that nowadays our brain is under siege of frequencies 20 times greater than its optimal frequency, which can lead to various health problems and disorders like insomnia, allergies or irritation. World Health Organization considers the electronic smog as one of the most common environmental influences and with the widest spread. That is why it issued official warnings regarding its serious dangers for the health. Bottom line, the positive ions are bad for us and must be neutralized.

Nature always finds a way to balance things and for cleaning the air it produces negative ions. They attract the unhealthy particles, with a positive charge, and it neutralizes their harmful effects. In order to breath in fresh and clean air and to protect our health, we must find a way t surround ourselves with negative ions because they stimulate the oxygen flow to the brain increasing the mental acuity and the energy level.

What is a Himalayan salt lamp?

These lamps are actually blocks of pure Himalayan salt extracted from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. This salt is believed to be as old as the earth, even if it looks similar to the table salt. These lamps are also named “Vitamins of the air” and they act as perfect air ionizers. It has a pink color which is generated by the small amounts of minerals in its composition. The lamp has a light bulb inside and they are shaped to be used as decorative items in the house, but with a great value for the health.

How do salt lamps work?

Himalayan salt lamps are not complicated engineering systems. Most of the times, they have a light bulb inside, but there are certain lamps which use candles as well, which heats up the salt crystal and intensifies the ionizing process. It is well known that salt attracts and retains water from the environment. You might notice that sometimes the lamp is moist or even wet, especially if you keep it in a room with high humidity. The moderate heat generated by the lamp makes the water evaporate faster and creates the negative ions.  They bind themselves to the positive ones and neutralizes the electronic smog in the room.

What are the health benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp?

 The Himalayan Salt Lamp became a common item in many houses around the world because they bring an important set of benefits for the health. The salt used to make them contains more than 80 different minerals, oligo-elements and other natural elements vital for a better health such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium chloride.

Constant use of these lamps can reduce aging signs, insomnia, improve respiratory disorders, the blood flow, the lungs functions, sustain the body detox faster and control the water level in our bodies. The salt used to make these lamps is kept in its natural state, without the addition of extra chemicals and additives.

The Himalayan salt lamp is both a decorative item and a source of calm and relaxation. It is believed that having it in your home brings many benefits for the health, and the most part of them have a scientific explanation:

  1. Cleans and refreshes the air

This is probably the most famous ability of a genuine Himalayan salt lamp and the reason most people use them. If turned on constantly, they remove the pollen, the dust, the cigarette smoke and other impurities from the room and locks them up inside the block of salt.

  1. Reduces the symptoms of asthma and allergy

As a result of improving the air quality, people who suffer from respiratory conditions will feel much better.  No more microscopic particles of mold or dust. They are all locked in the salt and you can take a deep breath of clean air without any worries. Within less than two weeks you will notice a difference with respiratory problems caused by allergies or asthma.

  1. Less severe coughing

According to the small chemistry lesson, previously explained, our homes are full with positive ions generated by the electrical equipment and they are the main source for a wide range of health problems, especially the respiratory disorders. Inhaling the electrical smog affects the windpipe, making it sluggish and it is no longer able to keep the contaminations away from our lungs. The negative ions released when the salt heats increase the microscopic activity of the trachea and the lungs are kept clear. In other words, the Himalayan salt lamp keeps the lungs clear and the coughing becomes less frequent.

  1. Higher energy levels

Without realizing we expose ourselves to the influence of negative ions and feel relaxed like walking on the beach, escaping in the woods, camping in the wild nature or even taking a shower in the morning. All these activities make us feel invigorated and full of energy, but we can’t really understand why. Actually, these activities take place in areas where the positive ions are in very small quantities. The Himalayan salt lamp generates negative ions, just like the one we find in the middle of nature.  If you feel tired all the time or even lethargic it is a good idea to keep a salt lamp in the room, next to you. Within a few days, you will feel more energetic and able to focus on the things you have to do.

  1. The electromagnetic radiation is neutralized

Because our lives make little sense without a smartphone, a big screen TV, a laptop and many other appliances, we should not be surprised to find out we are literally surrounded by an ocean of electromagnetic radiation. We can’t see it, but after a while, we start feeling its effects such as chronic fatigue, stress, low immune system and many others.

The negative ions generated by the Himalayan salt lamps neutralize the EM radiations, especially if they are kept near a source of danger.

  1. Improves sleep quality

Not only you feel constantly tired, but you can’t even get a decent sleep either. Insomnia is another important side effect of over-exposure to positive ions. They enter the bloodstream and they disturb the blood and oxygen supply to the brain causing irregular sleep patterns. Pink salt has real potential to generate the much needed negative ions which can reverse the process and improve the sleep quality.  Keeping a Himalayan salt lamp in the bedroom will help you get a good sleep over the night. If you can’t fall asleep with the light on, make sure to turn it on during the day.

  1. Improve the concentration and the mood

Don’t worry, just be happy! These beautiful pink crystal lamps can even make you feel happier. And we all need a mood boost after a long day at work. Again it is about the influence of the negative ions on the body. They improve the blood flow and the oxygen level in all important organs and especially to the brain and this way it stimulates the production of serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter responsible for our happiness. If you feel happy, then you forget about all the stress and the worries so you can relax and enjoy the day.

Himalayan salt lamps are also very useful during the winter season when days are shorter and we feel more lethargic and in no mood to do anything. Its soft light feels like a glow of sunshine and it can improve the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

  1. No more annoying static energy

Even if this property seems less of a health benefit, in the long run, it actually is. Static energy is annoying for the pinch sensation it causes when you touch various things in the room or it makes your hair frizzy, but long exposure to this form of energy might cause stress and frustration. With a Himalayan salt lamp in the room, you can kiss your partner, touch the door handle or fix your hair without causing any sparks.

  1. They are an eco-friendly source of light

The reserves of the salt mines form the Himalayan areas are estimated between 80 to 600 million tons and they seem to be enough to last for the next 350 years of exploitation. In most cases, the base of the lamp is carved from a sustainable wood and they use a low-wattage light bulb with a reduced use of energy or even a candle.

How to choose a Himalayan salt lamp and where should you place it?

Don’t expect to notice the influence of a Himalayan Salt Lamp if you put one in the furthest corner of the house and you rarely pass it by. They have a limited area of influence and you will get the best results if you place it where you and your family spend most of the time and you have the highest density of electronic appliances.

If you decide to buy one of these lamps first thing you have to decide is where will you place it. In order to feel its benefits, you must spend as much time as possible within its area of action. Small lamps are effective in average size rooms like bedrooms, or small offices, while the large ones are more fitted for bigger spaces like a living room. It is estimated that 500 grams of Himalayan salt can influence an area of about 100 cm2.

When buying a Himalayan salt lamp you should consider the following:

  • Where do you spend most of your time?
  • Where is the highest electric smog in your house?
  • Where would you enjoy most its relaxing effects?

This doesn’t mean that if you have an open space living room you should by a huge salt crystal. Instead, you could use more pieces and spread them in different corners according to your artistic sense. The more lamps you have, the better. Of course, you could start with one and increase the collection in time. It is recommended to have one Himalayan salt lamp in each room of the house.

How can you make the difference between a Himalayan salt lamp and a regular salt lamp?

 The Himalayan salt lamps became a very popular item so there are people who try to take advantage of this situation. If you are not careful you might come across fake or cheap imitations sold as original Himalayan salt lamps. Always make time to verify its source. Real lamps are made of pure Himalayan salt while the ones made of regular table salt have no benefits for the health.

This is how you make the difference between a genuine and a fake Himalayan salt lamp:

  • The intensity of the light – if the lamp shine is as bright as the sun, chances are it is a fake. Himalayan salt crystals have a special color ranging from pink to dark orange due to its mineral composition so its light is warm and soothing.
  • The color of the crystal – indeed there are white Himalayan salt lamps, but they are very expensive. A white salt lamp sold for an affordable price should raise some questions.
  • The endurance – genuine lamps are very fragile and they can break easily if not handled carefully. If your lamp is hard as wood, then you bought an imitation.
  • The benefits delay – studies showed that people who used these lamps noticed changes within a couple of weeks, especially those with allergies and asthma. If your lamp is a simple source of light and you feel no change at all then you should start looking for another one.
  • It doesn’t come from Pakistan – the real Himalayan salt comes from the mines of Khewra, Pakistan, at the base of the Himalayan mountains. This is the only source of pink salt. If this detail is not mentioned on the label you should investigate further before buying.
  • The humidity level – the real Himalayan salt lamps attract and retain water. If kept in rooms with high humidity they should feel wet. If after using it for a while the crystal doesn’t attract humidity, then that is not a real Himalayan salt lamp.


Himalayan salt lamps are one of nature’s ways of helping us in the fight with electromagnetic radiations that we have created.  Technology is part of our lives and we don’t realize the dangers it hides. Nature is about balance and the Himalayan salt helps restore that balance in our homes and even our bodies.

The way these lamps influence the environment is explained in a scientific and logic manner and the health benefits are not myths. It is important to buy the right lamp for your needs and actually spend some time around it. It won’t take long before you notice you will breath better, sleep better and even feel happier.

Because many people are interested to bring such a lamp in their homes there are some less honest sellers who just want to earn some money out of this trend. It is not difficult to spot a fake Himalayan salt lamp so don’t let them fool you and pay attention to the details.

Bottom line, the Himalayan salt lamps are a great addition to your health and they also make a beautiful decorative item.

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