How Food Affects the Aging Process?

We are what we eat – this is a famous expression that might be truer than you though.

Studies have shown that if we consume certain foods, we may accelerate the aging process and look even older than we truly are. The majority of those foods are, as you probably already guessed, our favorites. In other words, those studies have demonstrated that sweets have a terrible influence on our body, a high level of sugar leads to a process called glycation, and it ends with damaging your skin’s collagen. As a result, your skin will cease to look young and firm.

No need to say that sugar is bad for your teeth, and can cause you severe problems, such as discoloration, decay or may lead to the apparition of certain types of bacteria.

Alcohol and smoking are other bad habits which contribute to your tired and old look. These patterns act as powerful dehydration agents and alcohol may also lead to insomnia. We all know that nothing says better, that you’re tired and you look older than you are than the lack of sleep. After all, it is called for a good reason “beauty sleep”. Moreover, eating regular meals helps you to create a balance in your body and to stay in shape and control your weight.

Also, it is not a good thing if you have a weak diet, and you’re eating a lot of meat and only a few vegetables. You need to create a balance in your diet as well as in your lifestyle.

Nonetheless, some amazing foods can act the other way around, and if you consume them you might look younger than you are; and your skin will have a clean and fresh aspect. In the following, we will see what foods can be our greatest allies in the fight against aging.

First, we have berries, simply because they are rich in antioxidants and as a bonus they are delicious.

Garlic, maybe you don’t like it, but it is a powerful herb that slows the aging process. It is also very effective against cold and works great as an antibacterial product.

Grains along with beans are great in slowing the aging process because they are rich in fibers and they also help you to control the level of cholesterol. Furthermore, we have nuts, avocado, ginger, green tea, salmon, etc.

In conclusion, the way we eat and what are we eating is highly important. In this busy era, we tend to stop paying attention to these details but, if we want to stay in shape and feel and look young, we must make a change. You can choose and make a whole menu from those foods listed above, which are healthy and delicious, and many other foods can help you to live a healthier life.

Don’t forget that “we are what we eat” is more than an expression.

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