How Could CBD oil Help Our Pets?

In the past few years, many people have started to show a huge amount of interest in CBD oil and everything that it can do for the human body’s health. Many times, several scientific studies have revealed the great positive effects that this oil can have on our functioning system, and so the market has somehow developed towards this direction, as in bringing forward various products containing this chemical substance, CBD or cannabidiol.

Even though certain people are still skeptical when it comes to the CBD source, which is the cannabis plant, products containing this substance are undoubtedly very useful when it comes to supporting the body’s balance restoration. Apart from the fact that we have at our disposal many scientific proofs to back up all the positive effects that this substance has, it is mandatory also to acknowledge the fact that it can represent a great alternative to all the traditional recovery treatments that sometimes bring no desired effects.

So now that things are quite clear regarding the connection between the human body and CBD oil, you should know that we, human beings, are not the only ones to take advantage of this substance. Can you imagine that also our pets can significantly benefit from CBD oil usage? Well, if you can’t, we are here to help you by bringing a little enlightenment to this matter.

CBD oil relieves your pet’s pains

Just like us, also our friendly pets can suffer a lot from chronic pains, post-traumatic stress, inflammatory processes, skin issues, the excessive loss of fur and so on and so forth. Just try to walk a mile in their shoes: not being able to say what symptoms you have and what you need to get rid of them. If only our pets could talk, right?

But no worries because latest studies have revealed that CBD oil has a great potential of helping our furry friends to get rid of their sufferings. This oil can be used effectively to support an adequate veterinary treatment or just to improve life quality, as a dietary supplement or as a medication.

The connection between CBD oil and the endocannabinoid system

If you are already familiar with this matter, then you should already know that CBD oil can significantly influence your endocannabinoid system once it is administered to the body. The same is valid when it comes to our pets because also mammals, fishes, and mollusk’s bodies have this system earlier mentioned. So how does this interaction take place?

Well, things are pretty easy to understand because the whole process is quite similar to the human body and our pets’ one. Therefore, you should know that once CBD oil reaches the body, receptors CB1 and CB2 are enabled and so the whole endocannabinoid system starts to work. In other words, it is activated, and so CBD works in the same way in our pets’ bodies as it does in the human ones.

What is CBD good for?

As it was mentioned earlier, CBD oil can have quite amazing effects on the body and the same goes for our pets’ one. The main feature is related to the strong pain relief effect that has been proven to be the number one reason why so many individuals turn to it, as an alternative to the unsuccessful traditional treatments. As science is constantly developing, researchers were able to find out that CBD oil can greatly help our pets to get rid of chronic unpleasant pains.

In addition to all this, CBD oil can successfully be a part of a treatment which focuses on helping your “best four-legged friends”, for instance, to regain strength after a painful surgery or just to recover a healthy appetite. Not to mention that CBD oil also has remarkable anti-inflammatory and a neuroprotective effect that has been proven to impact both humans and mammals.


How to give your pet CBD oil?

In any CBD oil treatment, either it has to do with a human being or an animal, one thing is certain: we need to be fully aware of the health context so that we can wisely use this chemical substance in recovering an excellent general state. As far as administering this oil to our pets, we need to understand that even though they cannot speak, they still have feelings and any exaggeration might do them more harm than good.

So before even considering giving CBD oil to your pet, learn as much as you can about the present health condition so that you can be sure to get the best results with this treatment. Add this oil to their food, or you can give it as such, but this is quite difficult, and it’s also traumatic for the animal itself. Just treat your pet as one of your friends and always ask a specialist if you have any dilemmas on how the CBD oil treatment should be carried on.

The main idea to be beard in mind is to always choose the CBD oil dosage according to your pet’s weight. For instance, animals lighter than 10 kilos should receive a dosage of 1 drop once or twice each day. It is essential to start the treatment with a lower percentage of CBD, like 2%. After just one week, you should notice a positive effect on your pet and so, along with a specialist, you can even increase the CBD oil dosage if the situation requires it.

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