About Us

We are a non-profit health center aiming to provide affordable and high-quality medical services. Our patients are the center of our activity, and we focus all of our resources and energy to support the entire family during the recovery process. We are a Federally Qualified Health Center, and our main goal is to provide primary and preventive health care services for the residents of our community.

Our team of physicians, nurses and different health practitioners are here to attend the patients at every stage of life from newborns to seniors. All of the providers are board certified and fully committed to offering 24/7 the best care possible regardless of income or insurance status of the patient.  Multiculturalism is part of our staff as well as it is part of our community. Our team includes medical interpreters so we can ensure proper communication with our patients, both culturally and linguistically.

Continuity of care is essential for us and our patients and their families so registered nurses coordinate the case management until the patient is cleared to resume its daily activity. Of course, routine follow-up appointments can be scheduled daily, whenever the patient feels the need to talk to a doctor again and get the reassurance of his medical status.

Our presence is crucial to the welfare of the community, especially for those who don’t afford medical insurance, but they need it as soon as possible. As the only non-profit medical facility in town, we play a vital role in the local community. We became the heart of this community’s healthcare, so we are here whenever we are needed providing everything necessary for preventive and urgent care to minor surgical procedures and basic laboratory and pharmaceutical services.

This health center is committed to expanding the health education in the community, so please check our website to learn more about the educational programmes, health fairs, and various events we organize constantly.

We are committed to offering quality care and to continuous self-improvement.

About the beginnings

We opened the doors for our patients on February 22nd, 2007 and this was possible due to the efforts of fully committed organizations and individuals of this community. This healthcare center was founded to meet the needs of this community through its mission to ensure high-quality and comprehensive medical care to all people regardless of their ability to pay. After several years of planning and hard work, we received the support of community members and organizations like St. John Health Network, County’s Medical Society, the Wyomissing Foundation, the Country’s Community Foundation and even the local hospitals offered to join us in our project.

In 2008 we formed our first volunteer Board of Directors and the same year we moved the activity in a bigger building due to the increasing number of demands. Ultimately, with the help of our sponsors and community-wide fundraising we were able to inaugurate in November 2010 a new 2,500 square feet medical facility we use to this day. Within the next couple of years, all donations we received were invested in replacing the old and long-past medical equipment with new and modern one.

From the early days, when basic medical and first aid services were offered by volunteers and med students, to those in desperate need who didn’t afford it, in a small rented room next to a local shop, we have come a long way turning into one of the busiest healthcare practice in town with over 10,000 patient visits annually.


We took upon ourselves the responsibility to unite all the members of the community in improving the health of all residents by offering to those who don’t afford it access to quality medical services. Our staff is committed both personally and professionally to this project, and they are determined to pass the torch to the future generation of healthcare providers through various volunteering programmes.

Our health center is non-profit, and it was opened to serve all the health and wellness needs of this community. We provide quality medical services by combining traditional and complementary approaches that are both centered on the patient’s needs and culturally sensitive. It is our quest to become a life-long health partner for all residents in this community regardless of their social and economic status.

The community’s health and wellness is our mission, and we are here for anyone who needs us. Serving through exemplary health care services, education and community outreach is what we do.


Our vision is to transform the community’s dynamics, to encourage people to support each other for the wellness of all residents. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to affordable, culturally sensitive, comprehensive and patient/family-centered health care regardless of its income.

Everyone working in this health center is like a family, and we care about the patient and its family.


Our entire activity about around four values which we consider the guidance in everything we do:

Respect for People – We are people, and we understand the needs of other people. Your family is our family, and together we care for the wellness of every member.

Quality- Because we are fully committed to what we do, and we genuinely care about every person who asks for our help we do everything we can to offer the best medical services possible. All of our founds, energy and time is dedicated to continually improving what we do.

Integrity – We strongly believe that every person has a fundamental right to access quality healthcare and we are here to offer that regardless of the patient’s social and economic status, religion, sexual orientation or political views.

Community Focus – The community’s health and wellness is our mission, and we are here for anyone who needs us. We want to educate the members of the community on health subjects, so we continuously have special programmes and various events organized for this precise purpose.

Feel free to contact us as we’ll do our best to provide you with the best response.